Accessible tourism

Tour packages in Israel for people with disabilities. Adapted travel programs for wheelchair users. Special transport and tested routes. Accessible hotels, attractions and recreational areas.



New technology has been developed by Softwheel. Its CEO Daniel Bar-El says will “do away with the need to find a ramp” when wheelchair users go down a flight of stairs. The technology includes a wheel that can absorb the shock caused by descending stairs, and an internal mechanism that helps the wheelchair user maneuver. Gilad Wolf, The man behind Softwheel, spent some three weeks in a wheelchair when he fell and injured his hip four years ago. At some point, he thought up the idea of incorporating airbags to make the descent more comfortable. (more…)


Free trip “Gospel Trail” for wheelchair users!

Special for wheelchair users!
Free trip “Gospel Trail”!


Kurt Yaeger, star of Rudimental’s Waiting All Night video

Our today’s story about Kurt Yaeger who is mostly known as an American actor, model, director and professional athlete. Most recently he appeared in season five of the FX series Sons of Anarchy as Greg “the Peg”. (more…)


Access Israel launches campaign to educate children about the disabled

The non-governmental organization Access Israel, which works to advance the rights of people with disabilities in Israel, has launched a new campaign in schools to “teach children about equality, tolerance and acceptance” of people with disabilities in partnership with the company PowerCard. (more…)


TOP-10 Israeli accessible hotels for travelers with disabilities

September and October is the velvet season for those tourists that want to enjoy warm weather and genial climate. Israel is the best place to get both of these things. You can mix excursions on the special equipped accessible bus with swimming in nice warm water and relaxing on the accessible shore of the Dead Sea or in SPA. Our team will be glad to organize the accessible tour for you. We can help you in such things as hotel booking; organizing an excursion and transportation on a specially equipped van, visiting SPA and accessible beaches. (more…)


Israel’s most accessible sites

Year by year, Israel is becoming more accessible and more disabled travelers visit the country. We present to you the list of the top five most accessible places for tourists with disabilities:

1) Masada. The majestic ancient fortress of Masada in the Judaean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea is one of the most accommodating places for visitors with disabilities. The mountaintop (which is reached by a large cable car) provides numerous ramps and pathways that allow wheelchair-bound visitors to move around the trails and reach observation points. (more…)


Fragrance garden of Ramat – HaNadiv Park

Today we are going to tell you about wonderful Israeli park – Ramat – HaNadiv. This memorial park is surrounding the tomb of Baron Rothschild and his wife. It is a blooming oasis which is shining with cleanliness and tidiness. And we have checked it personally, having visited it.


Feel the accessibility – 2013

Thousands of visitors took part in “Feel the accessibility” event organized by the “Access Israel” association on Friday May 24 at the Tel-Aviv Port. The “Access Israel” association, which improves the quality of life for disabled and handicapped people, organized an event “Feel the accessibility 2013″ where everyone could get an unique insensitive experience. The purpose was to let people feel what disabled persons feel. So visitors got a chance to take a part in special sport activities, showing the equality of people with disabilities and the huge potential such persons have. (more…)


The Knesset approved a new law for handicap access

The Knesset Labor and Welfare Committee has approved a decree that requires to provide service to people with disabilities by priority. According to the decision, persons presenting a valid disability certificate shall not be required to wait in line for services.