Children’s tourism

Children and family tours to Israel. Cognitive and entertaining programs. Camp “Friendship” on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Travel arrangements for Jewish schools from abroad. Bar / Bat Mitzvah in Israel.

Children’s tourism

For many years now Israel is the country of the never-ending baby boom. And it’s not even about the demographic interests of local people. Israel simply loves children, which is not hard to notice even if you are a tourist on your first day in the country. Every child here – is this little king of the world. He will always be surrounded by care and attention. For children, in Israel there is everything: fabulous water parks and attractions, museums and themed courses for all sport activities, theatrical and music clubs. And the thing is that all these joys are fully relate not only to the local young generation, but also to all the small tourists who come to Israel.

One of the work areas of our company – is the organization of tours to Israel for children during school holidays. Ten-day adventure is set to discover the country in every amazing detail. The kids visit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and the Dead Sea. Learn how to make honey and olive oil. Do the kayaking, see the breathtaking fortress of Masada and the ancient city of Acre. The highlight of the trip would be a day at the amusement park “Superland”, combined with a bathe in the Mediterranean Sea. Of course, throughout the whole tour children will be provided with three meals a day. And also be sure that all our school vacation guests are accompanied by guides and professional counselors.

What’s joyful too is that we have our own children’s camp in the town of Netanya, right by the Mediterranean sea. It also opens for the school breaks – in spring, summer and fall. Our little guests accommodate at the Institute of Physical Culture “Wingate”. This ensures proper and tasty food, if necessary – medical care and, in general, the constant attention of youth specialists. The camp program includes a lot of excursions, regular sporting events – from football to tennis and surfing lessons. And those kids with strong creative side of character will get what to do too. Each shift of the camp “Friendship” shoots its own movie, the very special and creative mini-blockbuster. Karaoke championships, exciting quest games and traditional evening campfires – there is no chance for kids to get bored.

In addition, the tour operator Smartrip is always ready to help in organizing trips to Israel for Jewish schools from other countries. Actually, to see the Promised Land, to feel the history itself, to learn about the traditions and life of the folk – is a very important experience for the younger generation.

And of course, we will be happy to help organize in Israel a Bar or Bat mitzvah for your child. Smartrip offers a great selection of dining halls, takes care of the catering, finds a good DJ, show-ballet and provides adequate entertainment. The family worries would be just to greet a hero for the day, to give gifts and to celebrate such an important moment of life.

Do you want to introduce the Israel to your child? To present your youngling an unforgettable vacation? Or just to show one of the most unusual places on Earth? Get in touch with us, Smartrip does everything that the children were happy, and their parents weren’t worry about the trip.