Children’s tourism

Children and family tours to Israel. Cognitive and entertaining programs. Camp “Friendship” on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Travel arrangements for Jewish schools from abroad. Bar / Bat Mitzvah in Israel.


Free Opera In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a long lasting tradition of festivals and cultural activities. Throughout July and August, you can enjoy free opera performances in newly renovated Levant Fairground next to the Port of Tel Aviv.



Festival of Light

The annual Festival of Light will take place between June 11-19. Artists from around the world will present their installations in Jerusalem. Festival will be held in Old city as well as in modern parts of Jerusalem. Visitors will be able to witness light-ups of the ancient buildings of the Old City, installation of light statues, performances and onstage and street performances. (more…)


Darom Adom (Red South) Festival. February 2014.

Every spring, the Negev desert starts to bloom and the ordinarily green landscape is covered with a magnificent carpet of scarlet red anemones. To celebrate this amazing natural wonder, the annual Darom Adom Festival dedicated to the very best of the region takes place during the month of February. Every weekend there will be guided tours, a farmers market, workshops and activities for children, bicycle tours and musical performances in select locations throughout the region. (more…)


“Toy Cycle” exhibition at the Antiquities Museum, Old Jaffa

“Toy Cycle” is a new exhibition at the Antiquities Museum in Old Jaffa. Everything – new, old, ancient mixed in the title of the exhibition, which presents an old as the ancient world toys made of new materials and new ideas. What is this exhibition about? Here, for example, you can find how to recycle old beach rubber sandals into the blue-red elephant or with a ceiling high giraffe. Another example is how to make a flexible dog from the rusted bicycle chains. (more…)


Beach library in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality has launched a new project – a beach library. The library is located at the Metzitzim Beach, near the city’s port. It allows tourists and beachgoers to check out books for free during their leisure time there this summer. The library is essentially a giant bookshelf on wheels featuring about 600 books in five languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian and French.


‘The Art of the Brick’ Lego Art Exhibition in Tel Aviv

Finally – art your kids will love! CNN chose this exhibit as one of the 10 best in the world… Nathan Sawaya is a New York based artist whose medium are kid’s Lego blocks. All the works in the ‘Art of the Brick’ are made out of Lego. It will take place in “Maksidom” Hall in Tel Aviv Exhibition Center “Ganey Taaruha.” (more…)


Ice Park Eilat

At Eilat’s North Beach, near major hotels in the city an indoor shopping and entertainment center “Ice Park” opened its doors to the public. Visitors of the complex can skate or play hockey at the rink area of 1800 square meters.


Welcome to visit the Park “Mini Israel”

One of the most unique places in Israel is miniature park “Mini Israel” – a modern miracle of human activity. Our whole country is cozily nestled on 11 acres of land in the shape of a Star of David, where each district has its own “ray”. 350 models of buildings and sites of the Holy Land, made in 1:25 scale are exact duplicates of the real structures. Among the models you can see shrines and archaeological sites, modern buildings, scenery and landscapes, stadiums, theaters and national monuments. All of them are beautiful, precise and handmade with great love.