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Children and family tours to Israel. Cognitive and entertaining programs. Camp “Friendship” on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Travel arrangements for Jewish schools from abroad. Bar / Bat Mitzvah in Israel.

Family Tour – 15 days

All Israel!
Informative and entertaining tour to Israel for children and parents.

Day 1:
Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Arrival at Kibbutz Nir David.
The holiday village Nir David is located on the bank of the creek Asi, which originates from springs Sahni, in a wonderful atmosphere of peace and quiet.

Day 2:
Gan Guru kangaroo park, kayaking.
Gan Guru Park – is the only place in the world, except Australia, where you can walk freely amongst the kangaroos, feed and touch these cute little animals. In addition, you can see charming koalas, colorful cockatoos, and huge ostriches kezuars.

Day 3:
Fishing, cars driving.

Day 4:
Excursion to Haifa and Acre.
Arrival at the hotel in Tel Aviv.

Day 5:
Excursion to Tel Aviv and Jaffa.
Visit the Safari in Ramat Gan.
The park is fully recreated an African savanna, the animals are move freely in large herds, and you, as if traveling to Africa, can observe the behavior of animals in nature as it is – how they eat, socialize, and relax.

Day 6:
Visit the park for children Shvil ha Tapuzim.
Shvil ha Tapuzim – is a special park. All fun and decorative items are hand-made of natural materials. Entertainment equally will appeal to both children and parents tastes. The park is spread in an extremely picturesque location in the heart of citrus plantations and presented as a green oasis of carelessness, where so easy to forget the bustle of everyday life.

Day 7:
Excursion to Amusement Park or Water Park.
Children’s Museum in Holon.
This is a unique museum, not like others. It is not a museum in the conventional sense, it is the day of excursions, experiences and emotions. The museum is interactive, everything can be touched, and it is not prohibited, children walk through the museum without an adult, without guides, so they behave as sedate and do not break anything, but climbing, rolling, trying and twirling everything.

Day 8:
Excursion to Mini Israel, Tank Museum, stalactite cave Sorek.
Arrival at the hotel in Kibbutz Zorah.
Kibbutz Zorah located near the town of Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem. 18 rooms in hotel are located in two-storey houses, each floor with 3 rooms. There are spacious lawns and barbecue next to each room. The kibbutz has a place for children to play, as well as sports facilities, including tennis courts, swimming pool, basketball and football grounds. It is also has lovely dining room.

Day 9:
Excursion to Jerusalem, the Israel Museum.
Time Elevator – Maale Ha Zman.
This is an unusual attraction that show you three thousand years of existence of the city of Jerusalem.

Day 10:
Relaxing in The Kibbutz Zorah (pool, horses, bicycles, etc.).

Day 11:
Transfer to the hotel on the Dead Sea.

Day 12:
Masada. Visiting the Bedouin village (camel riding, Bedouin lunch).

Day 13:
Transfer to the city of Eilat.

Day 14:
Fortress of King David. Park dolphins. Oceanarium.

Day 15:
Eilat. Departure / check-out (upon request) at Ben-Gurion Airport. Flight to final destination.

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