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About us

SmarTrip Company exists from the year 2008, and, of course, during this time we have helped many tourists to visit Israel. The main principle we follow is full service within Israel. We are here; our office is located in the center of Tel Aviv. This means that entrusting us with their trip, customers can count on the continued support 24/7 and prompt resolution of any possible issues.

Ordering the tour with us, you do not pay to intermediaries, as is the case with foreign operators. Our Company is able to maintain low prices for tours to Israel, because we work directly with hotels and transport companies. We know the best places in the country, and we know how to make sure that our guests are offered the best conditions.

SmarTrip Company’s activities are multipurpose. As a tour operator, we are the representatives of various Israeli hotels, health and rehabilitation centers. Our clients have access to tour guides of the highest category, speaking English, French, German, Spanish, Russian… In addition, you can trust us to hire transportation in Israel; we will make your movement around the country safe and comfortable as possible.

One of the key areas of our work is tourism for the disabled. Since the founding, SmarTrip elaborates tours accessible for people with disabilities. Learn more about these accessible travel programs on a special page on our website by link Accessible tourism.

We are ready to help and to those who come to Israel with a special purpose. Thematic Tourism with tour operator SmarTrip offers a wide range of recreational facilities. From extreme tours to Israel to exquisite degustation of Israeli wines. We can offer a lot of exciting. More about the multifaceted Israel you will find on the section Thematic tourism.

Israel is a country with high economic performance, in which thousands of companies operating successfully in various fields, such as high technology, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc. Businessmen come here from all over the world to discuss and to solve important issues. Business travel to Israel with us is an effective way to organize your trip so that your company’s objectives will be achieved with less material and time losses. SmarTrip will plan for you a team building in Israel, prepare everything for conferences or business meetings with partners. Rate our service on a section of Business tourism.

After all, Israel is the cradle of the three monotheistic religions, and it still gives everyone a unique spiritual experience. Smartrip company organizes pilgrimage tours since its founding. We draw up programs that offer an opportunity to see all the wonders and relics of Israel. Go to Nazareth, to the grotto of Mary – the place of the Annunciation. Take the road of Jesus and his disciples on the ancient as the world itself, the Galilee. And, of course, visit Jerusalem, offer prayers in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, plunge into the atmosphere of the Old Town, where every street literally breathes biblical history. More details of the pilgrimage tours are in section Christian tourism.

We are also happy to offer you a variety of tours to Israel, during which you will be able to visit the sights that are important both to Jewish history and to the State of Israel. Our tours will take you to the holiest places. See the country from North to South, visit the Western Wall and many more Jewish sites throughout the country. See ancient synagogues and even important sage’s graves, experience Shabbat in Israel with a local community and re-discover this interesting country. In addition, our company has extensive experience in organizing private celebrations in Israel: Bar / Bat Mitzvah or wedding. Learn more about jewish heritage tours in the section of Jewish heritage tourism.

Finally, Israel is open to children. Since 2008 SmarTrip Company has a license to organize children’s activities by international standards. Our seasonal camp “Friendship” on the Mediterranean coast is always ready to receive guests. Professionals with specialized education work with the children in the camp. In the program of the camp you can find cultural, recreational and educational activities. Excursions, surfing lessons, art contests. More of children’s tours of SmarTrip read in this section Children’s tourism.

Going to Israel and want to trip a success? We have something to offer you. Fill out the contact form and we will take care of everything.

Why SmarTrip?

Mercedes S-Class (up to 3 people)
Infiniti QX60 (up to 6 people)
Mercedes Viano (up to 6 people)
Mercedes Sprinter (up to 16 people)

The SmarTrip Company provides VIP transportation for passengers by cars and vans of executive class with a driver. Our vehicles are an example of reliability and comfort. We provide the newest car models of Mercedes Benz S-Class, Viano, Sprinter.

In addition we can provide you not only transport with driver, but also tour guides, as well as armed guards.

On this page you can book online airport transfers, transfers between cities and up to 3 full days of transportation with a guide or without. If you would like to book transport for 5 full days and more, please click the banner below and get a discounted price.

Mercedes S-Class (up to 3 people)


Infiniti QX60 (up to 6 persons)


Mercedes Viano (up to 6 people)


Mercedes Sprinter (up to 16 people)




You can also book a limousine with a driver for the wedding ceremony, sightseeing tour, meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel.

To find out the price according to you private itinerary and book a vehicle – just send information on the intended route through the application form on the website or by e-mail:

Mostly, when we said “transfer” we mean the individual or group transportation of our tourists. And an integral part of transfer is a bus or car itself. The situation in Israel is so that the demand for transportation services is very high, but it rarely meets the requirements. There are parameters for choosing good-quality transportation for travel – it is safety and of course, comfort. If you want to order a transport services, you should pay attention to each detail. An important point is also a good technical condition of transport.

SmarTrip company thoroughly checks all insurances and permits in accordance with the law on the safety of passenger transport on the territory of Israel. The use of any type of transport for the transportation of tourists without all the necessary documents is illegal!

SmarTrip company organizes meetings of small groups and individual travelers at the Ben-Gurion airport’s arrival hall. A representative of the company welcomes visitors with a poster, which shows the company logo or name of one of the group members. For transfer of individual tourists company provides passenger vans or luxury cars. Performing a transfer driver will always help with check in at the hotel and give any useful information.