Accessible tourism

Tour packages in Israel for people with disabilities. Adapted travel programs for wheelchair users. Special transport and tested routes. Accessible hotels, attractions and recreational areas.

Israel’s most accessible sites

Year by year, Israel is becoming more accessible and more disabled travelers visit the country. We present to you the list of the top five most accessible places for tourists with disabilities:

1) Masada. The majestic ancient fortress of Masada in the Judaean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea is one of the most accommodating places for visitors with disabilities. The mountaintop (which is reached by a large cable car) provides numerous ramps and pathways that allow wheelchair-bound visitors to move around the trails and reach observation points. In addition, the visitor’s center provides underground parking, accessible bathrooms and screening halls adapted for people with a variety of different disabilities. Visitors can coordinate with management to obtain an electric vehicle to transport them to the mountainside and special audio-visual spectacles for the vision impaired.


2) Ilanot Forest. This beautiful spot is situated in the Sharon region, where the National Arboretum is located. Trees from all over the world were planted here to assess how well they would acclimatize to the country. Ilanot Forest offers special parking for the disabled, ramps for people in wheelchairs and picnic tables that are easily accessible.

3) Jaffa Flea Market. This historic flea market is one of the main attractions of the Old Jaffa city especially if you’re looking for bargains, antiques and other second-hand treasures at a reasonable price, or just souvenirs to bring home from your visit to Israel. With accessible parking lots nearby, curb cuts to allow people in wheelchairs to get up onto the sidewalk, and easy paths to reach the dizzying array of market stalls, this market is well worth a visit.

4) Ramat Hanadiv. Not far from the picturesque town of Zichron Yaakov, this memorial park is surrounding the tomb of Baron Rothschild and his wife. It is a blooming oasis which is shining with cleanliness and tidiness. It provides beautiful landscapes and beach views, some ancient artifacts and a circular trail suitable for the whole family. It has easy parking for the disabled, smooth pathways for people in wheelchairs, an accessible overlook and a well-designed visitor’s center. In addition, here tourists can find a special piece of land called Fragrance garden, which is designed special for the blind and visually impaired visitors.

5) Apollonia National Park. Located north of Herzliya on the coastal plain, this national park contains the remains of a Crusader city that has been excavated in recent years. The park has accessible parking, benches and tables that are compatible with wheelchairs. It also has an overlook where visitors of all abilities can enjoy the incredible views of the sea.