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Fragrance garden of Ramat – HaNadiv Park

Today we are going to tell you about wonderful Israeli park – Ramat – HaNadiv. This memorial park is surrounding the tomb of Baron Rothschild and his wife. It is a blooming oasis which is shining with cleanliness and tidiness. And we have checked it personally, having visited it.


Here visitors will find not only usual routes that offer for tourists walk through archaeological sites, lookout points and simple routes, but also special piece of land called Fragrance garden, that was designed special for the blind and visually impaired visitors.

This garden is planted with spicy plants, herbs and fragrant flowers. Such as lavender, sage, rosemary, laurel and so on. Special fence helps visitors to navigate in the space, and engraved on it in Braille text tells about plants. Benches around serve as a place where visitors can relax, listening to the murmur of a fountain with fish in the pond. And for those who get hungry after a walk in the park there is a cozy cafe, surrounded by trees with beautiful view on the verdant park.