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Bar mitzvah

Bar mitzvah is a second important date for any Jew. After reaching a B’nai Mitzvah age, young person becomes full-fledged member of the Jewish community with the responsibilities that come with it.

And what is the better way to celebrate this day than visiting the Promised Land? You can visit the Western Wall or ancient synagogue at Masada, participate in celebratory procession in the Old City of Jerusalem or learn about the old way of life in Talmudic Park.

Smartrip Company will take care of all the logistics, making sure that nothing distracts you from celebrating with your family, and our guides will turn this celebration into one, of both joy and learning for you and your child.

Jerusalem is a heart of Jewish world and, as such, offers a variety of options for celebrating Bar Mitzvah. You can begin the celebration by studying the history of Jerusalem at the Tower of David Museum through a tour or a Treasure Hunt game. Continue to a celebratory procession, with national music and dances and, after the ceremony, finish by feasting at a restaurant of your choice.


You can have the ceremony Near the Western Wall, participate in Shacharit prayer (morning only) and conclude to Aliya Le Torah and Tefillin binding, and if you want the yeshiva student will accompany you and give you explanations and instructions.

Neot Kedumim is the Biblical Landscape Reserve. During the Bar Mitzvah in Neot Kedumim, you can learn through action the ways of life of Jewish settlers of old days. Aliya Le Torah will take place at the natural resort with beautiful views of Samarian and Judean mountains.


In an inspiring scenic outdoor sukkah which evokes the landscapes of the Bible, you may hold the service which will signify the transition from childhood to adulthood. We provide the Torah scroll and the prayer books, while you may either bring your own Rabbi or choose one of several wonderful rabbis with whom we work.

Talmudic Park of Kazrin. The park is a reconstruction of a Talmudic village. The staff of professional artists will guide you through the history of Judaism at the Golan Heights. You will meet the Four of Padres, and other teachers of Mishnah. And after Aliya le Torah, you will have a musical celebration and authentic feast.


The ceremony is held in the ancient synagogue in the middle of the archeological park. A professional guide/artist will give explanation about the meaning of Bar mitzvah. In the end of the ceremony you can get the certificate written by sofer stam.

Masada is the symbol of Jewish devotion and heroism. The ceremony is performed in the ancient synagogue. The astonishing views on Judea desert and serenity of this place will make this an unforgettable moment.


The ceremony begins with the morning prayer (Shacharit) in which each Jewish man adorns himself with his Tallit and Tefillin, the head of the family is honored with the opening of the Ark, and the Bar Mitzvah boy leads the Torah scroll to the center of the synagogue. The Bar Mitzvah boy is called up to the Torah for the reading of the third passage, following which he is showered with flying candies. The congregation breaks out in joyous song and dance, as the Bar Mitzvah boy is raised up on to the shoulders of the men. The service concludes speeches delivered by the Bar Mitzvah boy and by the Rabbi of Masada, Rabbi Shimon Elharar, who blesses the celebrants and awards a special certificate to the Bar Mitzvah boy.

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