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Tours to Israel, during which you will be able to visit the sights that are important both to Jewish history and to the State of Israel. Jewish Heritage tours. A journey through Jewish history and roots. Wedding, Bar / Bat Mitzvah in Israel.

Bat mitzvah

Bat mitzvah is one of the most important days in life of any girl. After reaching a B’nai Mitzvah age, young person becomes full-fledged member of the Jewish community with the responsibilities that come with it.

And what is the better way to celebrate this day than visiting the Promised Land? You can visit the Western Wall or ancient synagogue at Masada, participate in celebratory procession in the Old City of Jerusalem or learn about the old way of life in Talmudic Park.

Smartrip Company will take care of all the logistics, making sure that nothing distracts you from celebrating with your family, and our guides will turn this celebration into one, of both joy and learning for you and your child.

Jerusalem is the heart of Judaism and, as such, offers you a multiple options to celebrate Bat Mitzvah.


You can begin the celebration by studying the history of Jerusalem at the Tower of David Museum through a tour or a Treasure Hunt game. Our guides will teach a girl about Jerusalem in connection with Bat Mitzvah, so later she can give you a tour of the Jewish Quarter.

Neot Kedumim is the Biblical Landscape Reserve. During the Bat Mitzvah at Neot Kedumim, you can learn through action the ways of life of Jewish settlers of old days.


Neot Kedumim offers you a several ways to celebrate Bat Mitzvah. You can learn how to plant and grow grape or how to cook the authentic dishes and after that you can have a celebratory diner.

Talmudic Park of Kazrin is an archaeological park, located near the modern city of Katzrin. The park was restored for visitors to the ancient settlement of Katzrin, which in the period of the Mishnah and Talmud was a large Jewish village.


The staff of professional artists will guide you through the history of Judaism at the Golan Heights. You will meet the Four of Padres, and other teachers of Mishnah. After this you will have a musical celebration and authentic feast.

Masada is the ancient fortress in Judea desert. It is the symbol of Jewish devotion and heroism.


We begin the Bat Mitzvah ceremony with the reading of the Shema and reciting of the chapters of psalms and selected prayers and sacred texts. This is followed by a speech delivered by the Bat Mitzvah, who is then in turn blessed by her father, who pronounces the traditional priestly blessing upon his daughter. The family then moves to the nearby chamber which in centuries past served as living quarters for the ancient Jews who rebelled against Rome. It is there we begin the second part of the Masada Experience – “Baking Challah Then and Now.” The newest member of Jewish womanhood, along with her mother and other female relatives and friends are then guided in braiding the challah dough in different shapes.

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