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Taxi in Israel will accept credit cards

The Ministry of Transport of Israel and the organization of taxi drivers have signed an agreement to install devices in cars that read credit card data. So far, the possibility of payment by credit card exists only in a very limited number of taxis.


Meanwhile, the cash payment procedure causes some inconvenience for many passengers: not all of them has sufficient amount money, and in a particularly difficult situation are foreign tourists, who must specially change their currency to the Israeli Shekel for a trip in a taxi.
According to it is more convenient to take “non-cash” for the taxi drivers as well – it saves them from having to constantly keep the change,. Possibility to pay by credit card in any car which licensed by taxi companies should appear next year in Israel. However, it should be borne in mind that the drive with payment by credit card will cost the passenger 2-2.5% more expensive than a cash payment.
It should be noted that the payment service by credit card in the taxies is becoming more widely available. Already a lot of taxis in Europe, Japan, the U.S. and even in Russia have been equipped with devices for reading credit cards.