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Active tour to Israel

Tel Aviv – Tiberias – Dead Sea – Eilat – Mitzpe Ramon
10 days / 9 nights

Itinerary of active tour
Active tourism in Israel

Itinerary of active tour

This tour was developed special for the adventure seekers and sport lovers. Experience Israel active way with ATV tours, hiking, kayaking and many others.

Day 1.
Arriving at the airport. Transfer to the hotel in Tel Aviv.
Overnight in Tel Aviv.

Day 2.
Segway tour along the beautiful promenade of Tel Aviv.
Sightseeing tour of Tel Aviv and Old City of Jaffa.
Spare time in Tel Aviv. There will be opportunity to go to the beach or just walking around the city.
Overnight in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv - Top 10 Beach Cities

Day 3.
Caesarea – visiting the national park and the ancient port, a tour of the hippodrome and the Roman amphitheater.
Haifa – panoramic view from the Mount Carmel to the Bahai Gardens, the city and port.
Lunch in the picturesque Druze house and tour of the Druze village.
Afternoon hike in the nature reserve of Mount Carmel.
Transfer to the hotel in Tiberias.
Overnight in Tiberias.

Day 4.
Banias Nature Reserve – contains an abundance of natural and historical beauty, from the ruins of ancient cities to the roaring Banias Waterfall – the biggest waterfall in Israel.
Kayaking on the Jordan River.
The nature and bird watching park Agamon Hula – one of the most important centers for birds migrating in the world. Tour of the park by golf cart or bicycle.
Overnight in Tiberias.


Day 5.
Walking tour of the Gamla Nature Reserve. You will see the ruins of the ancient city of Gamla and the highest waterfall in Israel. There is also a station for observing eagles.
Cruise on Kinneret Lake (Sea of Galilee) and a traditional lunch with St. Peter’s fish.
Beit Shean – the ancient city with Greek amphitheater, colonnades, mosaics and Roman spa.
Transfer to the hotel at the Dead Sea.
Night at the Dead Sea.

Day 6.
Climb to the ancient fortress of Masada, which is located in the Negev Desert overlooking the Dead Sea.
A visit to a Bedouin village. Explanation about the lifestyle of the Bedouins. Camel riding. Traditional lunch in a Bedouin tent.
Ein Gedi – a unique oasis reserve.
Night of the Dead Sea.


Day 7.
Spare time. Recreation and swimming in the Dead Sea.
Visit the unique Timna Park. “Solomon’s Pillars”, a sculpture that arose due to natural erosion and the ancient remnants of copper mining – “King Solomon’s Mines”.
Transfer to Eilat.
Overnight in Eilat.

Day 8.
Snorkeling in the Red Sea. You can watch the incredible beauty of the coral reef and its inhabitants. Optionally: diving in the coral reef (for additional price).
Dolphin reef – the only place in Israel where you can admire the dolphins living in natural environmental conditions. There will be the opportunity to swim or dive with the dolphins (for additional price).
Or Underwater Observatory Marine Park – more than four hundred different species of colorful native coral reef fish, predatory fish, corals, sea sponges and other fascinating creatures of the sea.
Overnight in Eilat.

Day 9.
Jeep Tours in the Negev desert. You can see the Ramon Crater, Zin Valley, Mount Karkom and ancient Spice Route.
Visit the Alpaca Farm and the unique museum and the park of the desert life – Bio Ramon.
Night in Tel Aviv.

Day 10.
Transfer to the airport.

Tour Package Includes:
• Accommodation at hotels according to the program
• Transfers during the entire tour according to the program
• Meals: breakfasts daily in hotels
• Licensed tour guide

Tour Package not includes:
• Air-ticket
• Travel insurance
• Entrance fees according to the itinerary and tips for driver and guide

Hotel list:
4* Golan (Tiberias)
4* Jerusalem Gate (Jerusalem)
4* Mercure (Tel Aviv)

3* Arcadia (Tiberias)
3* Montefiore (Jerusalem)
3* Debora (Tel Aviv)

Hostel Casa Nova (Tiberias)
Hostel Agron (Jerusalem)
Hostel Bnei Dan (Tel Aviv)

Tour operator can make changes in the itinerary, depending on the day of the week, holidays and work schedules of sights and attractions.

Active tourism in Israel

Some tourists assure that the best rest is “all inclusive” system in a luxury hotel and relaxed sunbathing near the pool or on the beach. Sure, you can find it in Israel at all. But if your goal is an active tourism, in that case, our country is ready to surprise you.

Sport is a present day cult in Israel. According to official statistics, every second resident in Israel swims on medium professional level. Here in Israel you can find the highest percentage of divers with licence among all countries. Bicycles are the second kind of transporting and travelling which are popular as public transport. In Israel there are also clubs of paratroopers and boaters. Extreme sports and martial arts are developing very activ. The popularity of windsurfing, kite-surfing, water skiing and wakeboarding is also rises from year to year.

And it is very important that all of these activities are accessible for tourists. For example, in the north of the country you can go for a rafting. Here, the long section of the Jordan River is a rapid stream with rapids and shoals, ideal for a dizzying rafting. Right there, around the Sea of Galilee, the slopes are spreaded. That’s the favored place of Israeli and foreign climbers. You also must try the snepling – it is a descent from the cliffs on the special harness. This kind of active tourism is accessible both for beginners and for not very physically active people. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

On the west coast of Israel there is a Mediterranean Sea, where are many places that are perfect for surfing. It is interesting, that on the beach near Haifa you can meet surfers with boards more often than ordinary tourists. There and in the center of the country, in Tel-Aviv, you can find at least several surf schools and wind surfing schools, in which professional instructors are ready to help you to get started on a wave. In Ashdod you can find a lighting surf spot with bright lights which are directed on sea. No need to say that the night surfing is something really incredible.

In southern Israel is also always something to do. ATV safari or jeep in the Negev desert provides an opportunity not only to get a nice adrenaline rush, but also to admire the magnificent scenery and meet diverse fauna of the country. Here, there is an opportunity for mountain-bike, and extreme bikers from different countries come to Israel to prove themselves on the rocky slopes of the desert, or to make a video with jumps and tricks with the background of Middle Eastern luxury sunsets.

Finally, you should visit Eilat – the place where every extreme addict will find themselves. It is located on the Gulf of Aqaba. And this is a real paradise for diving, where thousands of professionals and beginners are come every year. The reason is an extensive coral reefs with its amazing underwater world. So, it is not even necessarily to take a diving lessons and equip with suit with heavy breathing gas cylinders, but it is enough to put on a mask, snorkel and fins. The reefs are located in the coastal zone, and absolutely any tourist can meet its inhabitants.

If you are not afraid of extreme and drive and thrills are attractive to you, so Israel is the best place where you can get the most extensive opportunities for active tourism. Smartrip company creates a variety of tours for those who do not like to sit still and is always looking for something new. Do you want to plan your active trip in Israel? Contact us now and we develop for you a perfect active tour.