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Tour with pets


Many of tourists face situation when there is no one with whom you can leave your pet during the vacation time. Here in Israel we found the solution of that problem and recommend you to take your pet with you on trip!

Tel-Aviv is one of the best places in the world where you can travel with your pet without any troubles. We can call it “paradise for dogs” in its best meaning, where you can see thousands of tourists from all over the world with theirs pets. In fact, the third of the city’s population keeps dogs in the families. Israelis love animals and surround them with care and affection. That is why the local dogs are surprisingly good-natured and calm. It is impossible to see a fight between two animals, aggression is simply absent, as a fact. Be prepared for those fact that everyone wants to pet your dog, know its name and make a compliment to its beauty.

Only in Israel, in Tel Aviv, dogs are allowed to stay and walk within all shopping centers and many restaurants. Caring waiter immediately bring a bowl of water to your pet. And in some places, with mark “dog friendly” each dog can eat a delicious food absolutely for free. Tel Aviv also has a special park for dogs, and even a special beach, where hundreds of citizens and guests come daily with their pets. Tel-Aviv is a special place, full of joy and happiness for every dog. But the main thing is to do not forget to clean up after your pet, if it suddenly wants to “make the case”. There are special racks with thick packages which you can find on every corner in the city and on the beach, so it’s easy to do and to remain city in clean condition. We believe that our guests are neat.

Smartrip Company is glad to offer you a hotel or a private accommodation where you can stay with dog or cat. We will find you a responsible dog walker – a person who will look after your pet, if you want away for a weekend trip or just on business. And there is plenty of grooming salons and even special spa for animals. We know the best places and cooperating with them, so we are able to arrange your pet a true life celebration.

If you’re going to Israel, do not even think about how to leave a dog at home. Take a friend with you. We are ready to provide our clients with detailed advice in regard to the preparation of documents for the dog. You will cross a veterinary post on Israel’s border faster and easier than ordinary human passport control if you will travel with us. Smartrip Company will do everything to make a great impression of the country not only for each guest, but also for his pet.

We provide the following services for travelers with pets:
1. Hotel Reservation, where happy to accept not only you, but your four-legged family members.
2. Apartment booking.
3. Individual excursions with guide.
4. Booking of group excursions.
5. Services of dog walker who take care of your pet at the time, when you are on excursions.
6. Discount in grooming salons, spas and other services for pets.

Infrastructure of Tel Aviv for guests who came to Israel with their pets:
1. Great number of special hotels and apartments.
2. Beach for dogs.
3. Restaurants and cafes.
4. Parks and special areas.
5. Hair salons, spas for pets.
6. Shops where you can buy everything you need for pets.
7. Veterinary clinics.