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Roman monument

A historical monument found not far from the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem, already recognized as one of the most important monuments of the Roman period. We are talking about a fragment of a stone slab with an inscription in Latin. The inscription reads: “The Emperor Caesar Trajan Hadrian Augustus, son of Trajan, the conqueror of the Parthians, the grandson of the divine Nerva, the high priest, tribune of the people for the 14 th time, consul for the third time, the father of the fatherland. Dedicated by Fretenzis Tenth Legion.”



Wheels Of Love

The 15th “Wheels of Love”, marathon is going to begin on 9th of November. “Wheels of love” is an annual International Charity Bike Ride on behalf of the physically challenged children being rehabilitated in ALYN Hospital; Israel’s only Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation center. Hundreds of riders and volunteers from Israel and around the world participate in a five days Ride.



Hula Valley Bird Festival

The Fourth International Hula Valley Bird Festival is scheduled for November 16-23, highlighting the magnificent Hula Valley and northern Israel, which feature some of the most incredible birding destinations on Earth. The Hula Valley is at its best in late autumn as tens of thousands of Common Cranes and Pelicans are present as well as over 25 species of birds. In addition, spotters may get the rare and sought after opportunity to view species such as the Greater Spotted and E. Imperial Eagles, Pallid Harrier and more. Local species such as the Black Francolin, Pygmy Cormorant and three species of Kingfishers offer extraordinary viewing and photo opportunities.


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Byzantine monastery

A large and well-preserved compound, that likely served as a monastery dating to the Byzantine period, was recently uncovered in Beit Shemesh, by Israel Antiquities Authority. The compound is surrounded by an outer wall and is divided on the inside into two regions, including an industrial area and an activity and residential area. The excavation’s co-directors said they believe the site served as a monastery, despite not finding a church or inscription of any kind indicating religious worship,



Stalactite cave

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority announced that a large stalactite cave had been discovered in Israel. A cave was discovered a few days ago during construction work and its location is not revealed yet, the Israel Nature and Park Authority claims that entry may be dangerous and is forbidden for now. The spokesman did say, however, that it is located near the Tzur Hadassah community, southwest of Jerusalem.



Monument In Galilee

A lunar-crescent-shaped stone monument that dates back around 5,000 years has been identified in Israel. Located about 13 kilometers northwest of the Sea of Galilee, the structure is massive and it has a length of about 150 meters, making it longer than an American football field. Pottery excavated at the structure indicates the monument dates to between 3050 B.C. and 2650 B.C., meaning it is likely older than the pyramids of Egypt.


Wildlife Photo Gallery in Tel Aviv

“Global Nature, Local Nature”, the wildlife photography exhibition, which is held at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, features an international exhibition and an Israeli exhibition. This is the second year in which the prestigious international exhibition of the Natural History Museum in London and the BBC Worldwide, which is taking place for the 49th year, is shown in Israel. The



Titanic in Israel

Artifacts from the Titanic will arrive in Israel 102 years after the famous passenger ship sank in the North Atlantic. An exhibition reenacting the ship’s story will sail to the Holy Land and will be displayed at the Israel Trade Fairs Center in Tel Aviv for about three months, starting in June.
The Titanic made history on April 10, 1912, when it began its maiden voyage to New York City after being defined as the safest ship in the world. (more…)


Tourism Ministry will provide grants to new camping sites

The dramatic increase in in local and foreign campers during the Passover holiday has prompted a Tourism Ministry campaign to spur the growth of more such facilities. The Tourism Ministry will offer grants and financial incentives to entrepreneurs interested in establishing campsites. These grants will ensure separate camping facilities for families and young people, as well as offer advance registration for camping spots online. The decision follows the week of Passover where many campgrounds around the country reported full occupancy levels, particularly in the Lake Kinneret area. (more…)


Marathon in Jerusalem

The 4th international marathon will be held in Jerusalem on March 21 2014. The program includes: distances ranging from full marathon to a short distance of 800m developed for families with children. The money received from the participants will go to charity. Participants will run through ancient and the modern streets of the capital of Israel, past famous sites and attractions such as: the sultan ponds, the Knesset, the Old City, the German Colony, Mount Zion and Mount of Olives. The topography of Jerusalem was taken in account, while preparing the route. (more…)