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Christmas in Jerusalem

Jerusalem for the Christian world is above all the city of Calvary and the Resurrection. Christmas is the holiday of the nearby town of Bethlehem. But on Christmas day Jerusalem as well welcomes guests. On December 24, the celebration of Christmas begins Western Christians. In the next few days, you can get into the usually closed to visitors The Notre Dame De Jerusalem, located opposite the New Gate of the Old City.

Tourists will be pleased to take a walk on New Year’s decorated Old Town (in Armenian and Christian quarters live mainly Greeks, Armenians and Christian Arabs, in addition, there are several monasteries). The main Christmas celebration Orthodox Church of Jerusalem held in Bethlehem. However, in The Church of The Holy Sepulchre also performed Christmas night liturgy. According to the testimony of people who used to come to this worship, prayer in the cave of the Nativity Resurrection experienced particularly sharp and bright …