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Tel Aviv Among The Top 10 Beach Cities In The World

In a recently-published article on the Lonely Planet travel guide website entitled “Ten Cities with Brilliant Beaches”, Tel Aviv is ranked seventh, after coastal cities such as Barcelona, Capetown and Rio de Janeiro.

Tel Aviv - Top 10 Beach Cities

City beaches of Tel Aviv, stretching more than ten kilometers, are fully equipped for relaxing, sunbathing, surfing and kite surfing. Right on the beach there are a large number of excellent cafes, at night transforming into true open-air clubs.

“The beaches are safe and clean, and there are changing rooms and freshwater showers scattered along its length. The main beaches are packed with people most days, especially on Saturdays, when the crowds descend to pick a prime spot.”

Tel Aviv continues to receive citations and accolades from travel sites and guides, including, most recently, the website whose members ranked Tel Aviv as one of the top ten “Ultimate Dream Cities” in the world, coming in third to Paris and Venice.

In October 2012, Lonely Planet placed the Negev Desert in the no. 2 slot in its 2013 ranking of the top regions in the world. The Negev Desert came in second to Corsica, France.