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La Traviata at Masada

The 2014 Israel Opera Festival at Masada in June presents Verdi’s beloved “La Traviata” conducted as ever by Daniel Oren and directed by Michael Znaniecki.


Director sets “Traviata” within its period, but in a sort of post-apocalyptic Paris, his concept fueled by a line Violetta says in Act I, that her life is like a desert.

This production at Masada has resulted in Israel becoming another stop for cultural tourists. Some 10,000 or so foreign tourists book seats.

This year, for the first time, the Israel philharmonic orchestra has gotten into the act and will perform Beethoven’s 1st and 9th symphonies under the baton of Kent Nagano.

Also for the first time the festival will travel north to the crusader fortress at Acre, showcasing Mozart.

There’ll be two performances of Don Giovanni, one for the Requiem and one for children of The Magic Flute.